David Hughes

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David Hughes

Hi. I'm David.

Raised in the SF Bay Area I have lived in Chico, Ca. for thirteen years. I have been married to my amazing wife Jean since 1996 and have been blessed with four children (Micah, Tyler, Emily and little Ava Mae). I have a passion for music (been playing drums for 26 years), fly fishing, golf and spending time with my family.

I wrote my first program (a Space Invaders knock-off) on a Commodore 64. Professionally, I have 14 years of design/development experience. I cut my teeth creating small-business data management systems using Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Visual Basic. I found the light with Ruby and Ruby on Rails and have been using them exclusively for web application development since late 2005 (started at RoR v. 0.13). I am a pretty handy designer too.



Design & Development Philosophy

Design should never get in the way of user experience. Development should be intentional, well-thought out and rapid.